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From the Desk of Chief Bishop Apostle Harry Lee, Sr. From the Desk of Chief Bishop Apostle Harry Lee, Sr.

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From the Desk of Chief Bishop Apostle Harry Lee, Sr.

Posted on Sun, Apr 12, 2020

April 10, 2020



From:  Bible Church of God Official Bishop Staff


To: BCOG Churches

Greeting from BCOG Bishop Staff.  We hope that all is well with each pastor, leader, and their congregants.  In respect to the effects of “Coronavirus” COVID-19, we recognized that there was a need to alter our traditional means of operation.  In light of this, the BCOG Official staff is asking each church and their congregants to follow the guidelines that you will find in the following paragraphs.

Here is a list of things that we decided on and we believe these are necessary for our churches to help us maintain good fellowship, lift some of the burdens off the churches, and continue with spiritual order and communication at a “distance” while remaining in harmony with God’s Word:

1.  We are asking each church to continue to support their local church with tithes and offerings.

2.  We also ask that you continue to provide each pastor their current financial (salary) support. 

3.  We ask each pastor to stay in touch with their members and support them as much as possible:  (Call them, write them a letter, reach out to them on Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

4.  We are asking for all of our churches to remain closed; no traditional services or Bible studies, no church gathering until further notice from BCOG Staff. (You may set up “virtual church” and Bible studies through electronic platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, ZOOM, Skype, etc.).

5.  To help lift some of the burden and discomfort from our churches, we are discontinuing all financial obligations to the organization until further notice from BCOG officials.  All of our gatherings have been canceled until further notice. 

We expect each pastor and member to abide by the recommendations of our spiritual leaders – our Bishops - as well as our governmental officials.  We are to obey the laws of those in authority as long as these laws are not contrary to God’s law.

Each pastor is responsible for getting this information out to all of their members. We ask the Bible Church of God, to keep the faith of God, be strong, encourage and pray for one another.  God will deliver us from all evil.


From Chief Bishop Harry Lee and the BCOG Bishop Staff

Harry Lee, Sr.

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